The Power of Purpose: An Unstoppable Force

Do you know the purpose behind the business that you’re creating?

To say that your purpose is to make money would be a typical statement.  However, your business is purely a vehicle for making money, but not its purpose.  A business without purpose is like someone flailing away in the mud with no real direction.  After struggling awhile to get clients so as to generate revenue, you begin to wonder: “why am I bothering?” You lose steam and abandon your dream.

When you have and know the real purpose behind your work, it then makes failure impossible.  The drive and the determination generated by that purpose creates an anchor for you in times of doubts.  “Can I really do this?”  “Am I really allowed to play THAT big?”  “Who am I to think I can do, be, or have what I want?”  It is literally the animation in your spirit that propels you forward.  It is the unstoppable beating of your heart that tells you: “No matter what, I’m going to do this!”  Failure is NOT an option because you are completely invested in your purpose.

Napoleon Hill wrote in “Think and Grow Rich:”

“A burning desire to be and to do something is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off.  Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition.” 

Remember that everyone who succeeds in life gets off to a bad start and passes through many heartbreaking struggles before they “arrive” at their desired destination.  The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their “other selves.”

The crisis is the breaking point at which the desire becomes apparent.  And the “other selves” are our higher calling, our purpose (i.e., what you are really here to do).  Let me give you an example.

Tamika is a dynamic, high octane divorced mother of three and an entrepreneur who owns her own marketing company.  She is also an ovarian cancer survivor. That experience was so profound and life changing that she found the true purpose for her work was to inspire women to not feel like victims due to circumstances.  She could have given up.  But as she tells the story, something big welled up inside of her, and she said, “No way, this is not going to ruin my life!”  During this experience, she realized that the same principles she learned in her journey through cancer were also principles that could be applied to ANY challenge in life.

Today, she stands on a platform as one who truly empowers women to take control of their lives no matter what the obstacleAfter all, who is going to challenge a cancer survivor, right?  Her experience makes what she has to share so powerful and inspirational to others.

Tamika regularly speaks to cancer survivor groups.  Her work as a marketing maven provides the income for her to be able to do this more purposeful work both in her community and at the national level.  She blends her business smarts, survivor secrets, and overall purpose into her work with clients as well. Her purpose is completely integrated into her work and her life.

Her purpose is so powerful that it propels her forward every day as she faces her own business challenges.  This burning desire deep in her heart keeps that fire lit!  She simply will not stop because she knows the message she carries is one of great importance.  It’s life changing.  Why?  Because it was her journey too.

What is YOUR purpose?  What is that burning fire; that larger, greater issue that you are here to address?

When you are clear about your purpose, you will not stray from your path and the manifestation of your potential.  You will walk towards it with great courage, knowing that you cannot fail.

About Maria:
Maria Gamb is the founder of and NMS Communications LLC.  She is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who brings her 20+ years experience as a former Fortune 500 Diva and now entrepreneur to the table.  Maria’s mission is to help women unlock their own personal leadership style and create businesses that make an impact on the world around them.  After all, we’re women, not men in skirts.  Our leadership style is uniquely our own and it’s powerful.  Visit Maria on the web at  Sign up for the free ezine [Change Agent] and receive your free special report “The 7 Keys to Transform Your Business & Bottom Line”.

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