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What Illusions Are You Buying Into?

September 17, 2008

Over the weekend we were inundated with the news of yet more financial institutions teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.  It makes me wonder what the heck is going on around here!  This morning I sat having coffee with my resident expert and ex-CFO of a Wall Street firm, discussing how such situations can and are occurring on a regular basis. 

“Well, it’s simple” he tells me “This problem reflects peoples’ perception of value.  There are no real grounds for value at this time.  The banking institutions have over valued things like the housing market and made loans against a false value.”  He was simplifying the matter to illustrate the point. 

“So you’re telling me that it has all been one giant illusion?” I asked him.  He smiled at me over his glasses and said, “Well, yes, you could say that.”  I raised an eyebrow.  “So in essence, the veil is being lifted on all of this?”  To which he replied, “Exactly, and it’s completely putting people in a tailspin.”

Very interesting words!  As my tutorial on economics and the state of our financial institutions continued, it made me think more about this illusion or rather disillusioned state we all have been living in. Are we sleep-walking? You have to wonder, what kind of illusions are we buying into every day of our lives?

You are making an investment wherever you place your attention and focus.  That investment comes in terms of time, energy and activity.  That investment shows what you value. Is that an investment in something that is real?

Given the current world and national events, we’re all being given a wake up call.  It’s truly a shake up.  What illusions have we bought into that make us act like lemmings that follow one another off a cliff?  This not only pertains to the business sector but our private lives as well.  I have noticed more divorces transpiring than ever before.  Something has changed.  We’re becoming more aware of what we thought was real and of value is not actually something we find valuable anymore.  They are the values and illusions of others.  We’re waking up.

Here’s the exciting part.  Now that the veil is being lifted around these illusions, we are in a time of great reinvention.  People are beginning to ask themselves how they really want to do business, live their life, and be in relationship with each other.  We are redefining what’s truly important.  The ‘cookie cutter’ and ‘one size fits all’ days are over.  After all, when the illusion of what you have always known and believed comes crashing down and shatters all over the floor, what else is there to do but start over?

When the old ways (illusions) cease to work, it’s time to let go and allow the universe to carry you to the next great idea and the best way to achieve it.  Just loosen your grip a little, be patient and the guidance will come to you.

I urge you to be brave.  Show your courage by truly BEING in the way that is most authentic to YOU rather than just DOING. Your time, energy and activities are an investment.  These are a reflection of what you value.  Invest wisely.

About Maria:
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