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Is Your Business Evolving or Facing Extinction?

September 15, 2009

I’ve often stated this before “we are living in a time of great opportunity, we are living in a time where the ability to create new business, methods and delivery systems are plentiful”. The beauty of the entrepreneurial spirit is that this segment of our culture; they ones that will actually reignite the economy. How? Newness!

Anyone can be revolutionary inside any structured business; you just need to have enough conviction to make it happen. All business leaders need the courage to say “I’m going to do something different NOW!”

One thing I know for sure from my 20 plus years in corporate America is that without newness there is no real business growth. Any good business practice includes a core program of products or services, which is the meat and potatoes foundation to build upon; the guaranteed revenue stream.

However without reaching for new business with innovation and creativity you’re stuck in neutral – along with everyone else languishing in the status quo.

I invite you to put your thinking caps on and imagine. Play. And consider, if you could create anything or improve something you have, what would you do?

Got an idea that just popped into your mind? Yes, yes, I can feel it percolating up inside of you.

Does it fit into your current business model? No?

Is that thwarting your ability to even talk about the idea? Probably.

Here’s what’s true. Business is a natural organism.

In nature all things must Change. Adapt and Grow or risk extinction. That means that business models and methods must also Change, Adapt and Grow to better serve others.

A great example of this is the drive through window.  Many years ago this method of delivering products and services was deployed by the banking industry. You would drive up to the window, slip your deposit slips and payments into a slick silver drawer and the teller on the other side would process your payments, slide the receipts back through the drawer all without you having to get out of your car! Ahh fabulous! Convienent! And so fast!

Mc Donalds saw the brilliance in this delivery system method and adapted it to suit their needs. They rolled the drive through window out to their franchises and thus birth a new value added component to their simple product – the hamburger and fries! Brilliant! It sparked a renaissance in the fast food world. Is there a fast food establishment that you know of that does not have a drive through window? It’s now part of the basic set up for this type of business.

I am often poo-pooed when I tell others that I am bored with so many business models today. I watch video after video or read irate articles blasting business models and methods that no longer work. It makes me shake my head.

No one business model is going to work forever. What was once deployed and was successful was successful for a reason – it was revolutionary at the time. But now, it’s time to Change, Adapt and Grow.

Createsomething new.
Offer something exciting.
Or be revolutionary!
Have the courage to step outside the norm!

Put your frustration and anger aside and get moving! Be the catalyst you know that you’re supposed to be.


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Are You “Popping the Clutch” on Your Success?

September 8, 2009

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you’ve set a clear goal with a great deal of excitement and intent only to find that several days you’re feeling fearful and apprehensive?  Your intention was very clear in your mind. You started out with such conviction only to find the seeds of doubt and fear seeping into your mind not to long after. You grind to a halt. Sounds familiar, right?

When I was 16 my father taught me how to drive.  It was mandatory in our house that we all knew how to drive both an automatic and a manual.  If we couldn’t do both we were not allowed to take our drivers test.  Driving a stick shift was really tough and my father was elected to be my teacher. 

He would take me to the steep intersection of Rye Hill Road in our baby blue Datsun B210 and talked me through the process. Ease off the clutch, give it a little gas release the break and go.  It took precision, timing and without a doubt lots of focus when I first learned. If I was unsure or scared I wouldn’t gauge the balance between easing off the clutch with the gas, the B210 would buck, stall and roll backwards.

Over and over again I would put that little car into convulsions and nearly gave the both of us whiplash.  Finally my father said to me “This is because you are unsure of yourself Maria.  You need to stay focused.  You’re getting scared and going in reverse. Don’t be afraid. Just feel it and you’ll know when to let go.”

Those words could not have been a better metaphor for life.  Or for how being unfocused or in a state of fear will cause you to simply roll backwards.  Because in life; if you’re not growing you’re dying.  Fear is your subconscious mind throwing up barriers of doubt in your abilities and your choices.  Usually to the detriment of what your next right action should be. 

Every successful person learns that the best way to move forward is to follow their intuition – which is exactly opposite of that subconscious mind.  Each person is born with a natural intuition.  The root of this word in Latin is tuere.  Which means “to guard or to protect.” 

Intuition is your compass point for your life and your decisions.  Learning to rely on this internal gift will help you to move past the fear and stop rolling backwards in your life.  It’s pretty simple!  You just need to practice and trust this guidance system within.

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Are You A Lipstick Bully?

September 4, 2009

Most believe that competitiveness in business is an activity associated with the male population.  Women, the loving, nurturing souls that we are couldn’t possibly take part in this activity, right? This is, in fact not so.  You might be surprised to learn that in a recent study 40% of the bullies in the professional arena are women.  Their target? 70% of the time it’s other women!  Shocking, isn’t it?!

As the perception of the current economic situation tightens the level of competitiveness has skyrocketed.  In general people have been feeling that there simply isn’t enough to go around and that they must fight and compete to keep their position.

The correct interpretation of “competition” is to take something away from another person before they can get it.  However, the caveat of competitiveness is that if you are someone who is doing the utmost to “take” from another then be warned, it will ultimately be “taken” from you.  This is an example of how the Law of Cause and Effect can operate in a negative manner.

This is the vicious cycle of competition.  Once you’re in it, it literally feeds on itself as the fear to win at any cost by pummeling your opponent takes over.  This is the ego in full force driving you to compromise your values and take actions that you may not, on a normal day participate in.  It is the belief that there is not enough to go around and you must get yours before someone else does.

While there are some very obvious behaviors of a bully whose goal it is to squash their competition, women have a very special, almost soft way of delivering the blows;

  1. Implying gender stereotypes
  2. Glaring at one another in a hostile manner
  3. Giving others the silent treatment
  4. Rude or disrespectful treatment
  5. Perpetuating false rumors

Other more direct manifestations are blatant threats to destroy another persons credibility and a very obvious aggressive approach in delivering any point they are making.

When one engages in the competitive cycle they literally spend more time looking over their shoulder rather than looking forward to creating and collaborating together. It is a waste of time and energy for all parties.

We are asked to spend more time creating rather than competing with one another.  When one is in the creative process, more opportunities arise, not less.  Doors begin to open and something new and magical can come of joint efforts. 

Collaboration is the kryptonite for competitiveness. This is applicable for all genders.
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