“The $10 Million Dollar Question”

Recently I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine and she asked me “If someone rang your doorbell and gave you a $10 million dollar check what would you do with it?”  Initially I would have exclaimed “buy a new pair of shoes and a sassy new purse!”  But, instead I paused and thought long and hard about this.  I mean, I really really thought about what I would do with that money.

I began to wonder what other people would do with it too.
I realize this isn’t the normal article I’d write.  But I think it’s worth exploring and sharing what happened when I posted the question on my Facebook account and in several of my Linked In groups.  In the recently economic chaos our values have changed.  The responses I received were all overwhelmingly glaring in pattern.
The number one thing people wanted was security.  After all, who can blame them!  It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the past 2 years, hasn’t it?  But what’s different here is that the context of security has shifted and gone beyond what’s right in front of them.  They expressed not just wanting security for themselves and their families but also for other people close to them; friends, co-workers and neighbors.
The second most common response was that they wanted to create a foundation, charity or some other type of support and help to the greater community.  Everything from agricultural, educational, health and wellness projects listed.  Some with very specific heartstrings attached to them as a personal way of resolving a challenge they’ve faced and would like to ease the process for those who are to come after them.
Both answers were extremely touching to me.  Why?
It shows that the consciousness around us is shifting and moving from a self-absorbed narcissistic focus of “me and me alone” to a “we” mentality.  It’s subtle, that’s for sure.  But when a society begins to change it’s focus, to realize that we all must help one another on a very basic primal level of survival can the behaviors of business and commerce in general be far behind?
Probably not.
When any group shifts it’s consciousness everything around it must follow.  Including how entrepreneurs and business executives operate.  Now it’s time to learn some new tools and skills to meet that expectation!  Move from breakdown to breakthrough by embracing these new values and incorporate them into everything you do.
A new breed of leadership must emerge that’s for sure.
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2 Responses to ““The $10 Million Dollar Question””

  1. Lisa Claudia Says:

    Hi Maria! I love this question, my husband and I play with variations of it all the time. It’s an amazing way to shift our energies from fear around security to a true sense of fullness and ease.

    For me, the money would go to energy-saving upgrades to our 1850’s farmhouse first. Then I’d fund my sons’ college education, my oldest goes next Fall! And although I’m not a shoe or bag person, I would get my other fashion fixes.
    Money would go into my business, putting a team more fully in place and maybe setting up a second office- probably in California near my brother. Other monies would go to my husband’s new bee-keeping passion. Some into retirement.
    And the rest would absolutely go towards a foundation that could provide spiritual and entrepreneurial coaching to older teens and young women while teaching them to love and honor their intuitive natures.

    And I’d also reupholster my wing-chair in my pink office. The blanket over it is just not looking that great today.

    Love and blessings,

    Breaking The Spell of Overeating: Results You Crave

  2. Peggie Says:

    Oh Maria. I love playing this game. (In fact it’s an “old” game — Dorothy Parker wrote a story about two gals that played it often in NYC!)

    I’d like to say all the you-first things first. But, well, with that kind of checkI’d first pay off ALL debt. And be gratified at how much was left over since the debt can always look so massive.

    Then some upgrades to the house and a cut and color for the tresses.

    Now I’d set up that foundation – for people struggling with having to choose between caring for their pets or paying their bills. I’d find ways to give to some causes that are near and dear to my heart and I’d do some really fun things with my business and create more fun — wherever I go.

    vacation, retreats, learning and investing in my continued growth by becoming a certified yoga instructor.

    Other than that, goodies for the love, the kids, the pups, the kitty and the friends and family to empower and encourage them.

    Hugs to you


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