Fearless Leaders Create Dynamic Futures

Over the past few days I’ve had the great opportunity to speak with some amazing entrepreneurs and executives who are launching some very exciting and cutting edge work.  Some are in the field of communications – wow, what an exciting place to be right now!!!!  Others are in film and TV. Additionally executives from a major advertising company was amongst this group.

We had some time to talk about what has spawned this creative burst in them, their businesses and their approach.  One told me “I finally realized, What am I waiting for? I mean really, WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?” We all laughed.

The next said “I had to get past all the garbage and negativity around me to realize that what I wanted to do IS important.  I was standing much too close to it to see that. I wasted so much time NOT thinking that it was important to anyone but me.”

A client I had been working with for the past year piped in; “What I wanted is probably and most definitely not going to be in the context that I thought I wanted for the past few years. Once I got that, then all of a sudden everything around me started to look different.  Like, hey, that idea you have deeply protected inside your heart really can happen and it can be in a bigger expression than you ever dreamed.”

What if IT was possible?
What if IT was ground breaking?
What if IT was the vehicle that created financial security for you and others around you?
What if…… (fill in the blank with your thought)

My Questions for you today are:

What the heck are you waiting for?!?!?!
Isn’t it time you got past your fears and trepidations about your next great idea?
To share critical words that my friend Les Brown said to me a few weeks ago “Your time is NOW!”

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February 17th
@ 8pm EST / 5pm PST

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Dare to Create Unique, Revolutionary Businesses that Matter and Stand Out in a Crowd!
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Do you have a BIG IDEA that you are just waiting to unleash into the world that would do the same thing?
Something that you know you should be doing but aren’t?
Why not?

Because the World is waiting for YOUR great ideas, talents and gifts!
Stop holding back!


No more holding back!
Fearless business leaders are creating dynamic futures.
Will you join us?

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