Stop Focusing on What You Don’t Have!

We have enormous amounts of money, resources, and power within our businesses.
Most of us are far wealthier in terms of material goods than many in the world. Although we rarely acknowledge and appreciate what we do have.

How quick are we to tell ourselves a story of all that we lack?
How many of us feel we have nothing to share, but in fact who we are and what means we do have is so abundant?

In trying times, we tend to hyper focus on the exterior situation rather than the interior climate. As you continue to shift your consciousness, choosing to alter your beliefs so they are in sync with the core values of your higher self, your interior climate will change. It has no choice but to follow.

Remember, the starting point for healing all relationships: business and professional starts with YOU. You’re the common denominator after all : D

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One Response to “Stop Focusing on What You Don’t Have!”

  1. Motivational Short Stories in Fables Says:

    I agree with you. If we only focus on what we don’t have, we will get nothing.

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