As a former Fortune 500 executive trailblazer, Maria Gamb spent more than twenty years in the trenches, alongside her corporate partners, directing and managing successful businesses, each organization valued in excess of $100 million- and some much more. Companies she worked for in various capacities included Macy’s, Geoffrey Beene, Liz Claiborne, and Polo-Ralph Lauren in roles such as Designer, Product Manager and Director. Maria has also lived in both England and Australia as well as working extensively internationally throughout Asia, Europe and the Australasian Basin.

Through her more than 20 years in big business she came close to breakdown before realizing she was not respecting who she was- as a woman, as a leader, or as a spiritual being. It was time to take a leap out of her comfort zone, out of the security she had worked so hard to attain. She was finally ready to dive headfirst into the unknown and follow her heart, which led her to found her consulting practice NMS Communications in 2007. NMS stands for “no more stress”. Maria discovered her calling to help other successful corporate managers and entrepreneurs reclaim their ability to lead, while also introducing and celebrating a new model of leadership that would bridge the gap between the harsh practicalities of doing business. Why? Because she’d done it herself!

Maria believes that as more people join in and embrace new-paradigm values in the workplace, the collective shift this engenders will enable us all to leverage our resources and create massive and exceptionally positive change around us- in our economic standing, in our community, and around the world.

Maria teaches these principles and strategies learned over the course of her career via teleseminars, webinars, individual and group coaching under the umbrella of “The Change Agent™ Academy”. Her clients include high level entrepreneurs netting over $1 million dollars and corporate executives in the US, Singapore, Australia and the UK.

Maria is also the host of the newly launched radio show “The Change Agent™ Show” hosted by The Women’s Information Network (www.theWINonline.com), She is also author of “The Healing of Corporate America: Leadership for a New Beginning” due to be released in 2010.

One Response to “About”

  1. Dawn Billings Says:

    Hey Maria,
    I thought your article on chocolate (oh my goodness, which I adore) was so good that I put it on our Heart Link blog
    Go see it and tell me if you would like any changes.
    You are completely adoreable. I hope this helps to bring attention to you.
    Sweet blessings Dawn Billings CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Women’s Network and the http://www.TheHeartAlliance.com

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