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Part 2: The Currency Required to Create A Business That Thrives

September 10, 2010

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When was the last time you told a colleague or competitor about a plum resource?
When have you passed an opportunity along to someone who would be a better fit for it? Have you lent a hand to another manager who was having difficulties in getting work accomplished for no other reason than to be helpful?

These are little everyday ways you can be a go-giver rather than merely a go-getter.

In business, there are people who understand the concept of giving at a much higher level. They leverage their leadership to create opportunities for others on a community and/or global scale. These people understand that what they have—whether power, influence, or resources—are here to be used for the betterment of others. Bill and Melinda Gates, who together established the Gates Foundation, are wonderful examples of the giving principle intertwined with the leadership responsibilities that have already been outlined. The fifteen guiding principles for the foundation clearly show they understand the basic operational outline of being a go-giver instead of a go-getter: Use your resources to be of assistance to others. Operate with respect, integrity, and accountability. Partner with and collaborate with others who advocate for change.

While it may not be within your realm of influence to give to others on a global scale in the way the Gates and others can, you can give where you are—in your workplace and community. Giving is energetic currency, which has a greater value than any dollar amount. This is your most powerful currency.

Where and how are you giving to others today? Beyond money…..

We’d love to hear your comments, experiences and inspirations!

Part 1: The Currency Required to Create A Business That Thrives

September 8, 2010

September 8th, 2010

Most people believe giving is only measured in terms of money, but there are no-cost ways to give through expressing and demonstrating your internal abundance. This is your real currency and which you use to leverage your gains, success and forward motion by helping others along the way. All of which creates businesses that thrive, expand and become a plus to the communities around them. Your positive thoughts, deeds, service, encouragement, resources, opportunities, and kind words all have value to the recipient.

Giving makes you feel part of something bigger. You might not feel that way initially, because the ego self will protest that you don’t have enough to spare, and that you’ll suffer if you give away too much. But generosity is an intrinsic part of who you are. By reactivating this part of yourself, you awaken to your higher self and curb the tendencies of your ego self. The real currency is in discovering “How can I give today?” rather than “What can I get today?” This isn’t difficult but it will take concentration and commitment to thing this way.

• It is part of your divine biological programming to want to help another person without having a hidden motive to get the better end of the deal.
• Share information about a resource with a colleague or friend to help her complete a project.
• Lend a hand to anyone who needs it, even if it means getting your hands dirty.
• Listen to others without interrupting, offering advice, or judging the situation.
• Nurture and empower others by reminding them of their resources and strength.

All of these behaviors will strengthen your organization and boost morale, even as they inspire others to operate from the higher self as well.
On the most basic level, offer a smile to a stranger on the street. Say “good morning” to a few of the other caffeine-needy folks in line at Starbucks. Give a seat to a mother struggling to juggle her children on a bus. These things cost absolutely nothing but have such enormous value.

Part 2 will be aired on the Change Agent Blog on Sept 10th

Stop Focusing on What You Don’t Have!

September 2, 2010

We have enormous amounts of money, resources, and power within our businesses.
Most of us are far wealthier in terms of material goods than many in the world. Although we rarely acknowledge and appreciate what we do have.

How quick are we to tell ourselves a story of all that we lack?
How many of us feel we have nothing to share, but in fact who we are and what means we do have is so abundant?

In trying times, we tend to hyper focus on the exterior situation rather than the interior climate. As you continue to shift your consciousness, choosing to alter your beliefs so they are in sync with the core values of your higher self, your interior climate will change. It has no choice but to follow.

Remember, the starting point for healing all relationships: business and professional starts with YOU. You’re the common denominator after all : D

Do You Fear Looking Foolish?

August 26, 2010

Many of you have been following the latest shift in my gym regime on Facebook.  I’ve been in search of a new, more energizing workout that is more fun and rewarding.  The operative word is FUN.  I work hard. I am sure you do too.  So more F-U-N is required.  Especially when spending so much time in the creative process and working with my wonderful clients.  We’re usually in problem solving mode, resolution strategy or working on some aspect of creative brand expansion.

  • Having fun is a way to disengage your brain.
  • It’s a way to trick it to stop focusing on the things that you may not feel like you’ve achieved while you’re in that all important process towards achievement.
  • It’s important because when you’re not focusing on the task at hand or the problem that seems insurmountable you’re giving your brain time to rest and find another pathway.

Over the past few days I’ve tried Kettle Bell training (a world of hurting afterwards!) and last week my boyfriend Val and I went to a Zumba class together.  Both were so much fun. I sweat my guts out. I laughed at myself as my feet got tangled up during a meringue transition into something resembling a belly-dancing move. I think. I’m not sure. What I do know is that I sure didn’t look good doing it. Professional. However, the trio of 65-year old women behind me encouraged me to keep trying and to come back to the next class. “Don’t worry honey, you’ll get this!” one chimed.

Years ago I would have recoiled at these experiences for 2 reasons.

  • First, I thought work had to be all work and no play. Work hard….and harder to get the job done otherwise you’re not serious. I didn’t realize that playing time, time for fun and enjoyment actually helps a person think more clearly when then return to the task at hand.
  • Second, I would have NEVER allowed myself to look foolish because I couldn’t excel at the FUN-Activity immediately!  I would feel embarrassed or silly that I couldn’t do it as well as others. Or as well as those lovely older gals.

Fear of looking foolish, more than the work ethic issue, would prevent me from trying lots of new things.  Now, that’s saying something because I was always seen as adventurous.  Being adventurous is different than looking foolish because you’re putting yourself out there on a limb. To be judged and criticized by others.  To have someone point at you and say “what an uncoordinated person” or “doesn’t she know that a 46 year old woman shouldn’t be doing THAT!?”

If I’d listened to them or the voices in my own head I’d never have any fun. I’d never try anything new. This goes for business as well.  Where do you want to go that you fear to go because you think others will judge you harshly?  What is the dream and desire in your heart that you’re afraid someone will call you foolish for moving towards? What change do you want to make immediately that you cringe at even mentioning for fear that someone will think your daft?

What is this fear costing you?

A Little More Information:
Maria Gamb ( is an author, speaker and business leadership mentor.  Her first book ever, “Healing the Corporate World” will launch on Amazon Oct 12th, 2010. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with her partner Valen and their 2 cats TigerLily and Livie.

Our FREE GIFT to you today is instant access to a 3-part series “Pathways to Success” w/ the amazing Greg S. Reid and Ernest Chu on the power of persistence and understanding your real currency in the world.  Get ready to be inspired! Enjoy! And join us in creating a MOVEMENT in ALL businesses today

Burning Away Old Beliefs, Patterns and Habits…. and ways of doing business!

August 16, 2010

There is a term “divine chaos” which is the best way to explain the rocky terrain we’ve all hiked over the past few years. Chaos may sound like a bad thing, but it is not. You must understand that although chaos may be destructive, it is also a course corrector.

Chaos is the literal and figurative dismantling of a system and its beliefs. Chaos occurs when systems and beliefs are out of alignment with the core values of any group. The only way through the chaos is to wake up, remember our authentic selves, and act with truth, integrity, and transparency.

Old beliefs and ways of operating are giving way to a new structure based on higher consciousness. Making surface changes won’t be good enough. Applying a Band-Aid won’t work in our current situation. There must be a dismantling of what is not working, in order for new growth to occur and restore us to health.

Several years ago, I was living in Melbourne, Australia. The Blue Mountains in New South Wales were up in smoke-not with little fires, but with major fires that engulfed the area and left a wide swath of destruction. One day over lunch I expressed my dismay at the situation to a dear friend of mine. “It’s terrible. People are losing their homes and this beautiful region is being devastated.”

My friend looked at me with a very strange expression and said, “And why does this surprise you? It’s the natural course of nature. For that region to regenerate itself, there must be a fire. The underbrush has to be burned away and the heat has to be generated if many of the plants indigenous to this region are to reproduce. You see, the seedpods can’t open without heat. This is the way nature renews itself. People who live here know this. They know the risk of building their homes in an area where wildfires appear, and they take it on willingly. They accept that this is the course of nature. If something new and more magnificent is going to appear, that old underbrush must be released.”

This story illustrates nature in action. The natural order is that life always regenerates itself. Chaos may ensue in order to facilitate this process. It may not always be in the same exact form, but life will and does regenerate.

One thing passes away and dies, and new life always replaces it.
It is a never-ending cycle.
It’s no different in business.

Reflective Questions:

  • What aspects of your current business life need to burn away in order to give way to something new?
  • What are you fighting to hold onto that is actually causing you more anxiety than enjoyment?
  • What business models and practices are you attached to that no longer work, probably needing a giant reinvent?
  • And…what makes any of these things so important that you’re fighting to hold onto them? (hint: illusions of security, surety and identity/standing)

One way or another, a form of cleansing shows up. If you can see it as a constructive tool in the long run you’ll find the process so much easier and less anxiety ridden.

A Little More Information:
Maria Gamb ( is an author, speaker and business leadership mentor.  Her first book ever, “Healing the Corporate World” will launch on Amazon Oct 12th, 2010. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with her partner Valen and their 2 cats TigerLily and Livie.

Our FREE GIFT to you today is instant access to a 3-part series “Pathways to Success” w/ the amazing Greg S. Reid and Ernest Chu on the power of persistence and understanding your real currency in the world.  Get ready to be inspired! Enjoy! And join us in creating a MOVEMENT in ALL businesses today