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You’re Tripping Up if You Don’t Follow Up

August 18, 2009

I’m sitting having lunch with several other business professionals in a beautiful dining room.  Beside me is one of the top C-level coaches and political consultants in the country.  This 25 year seasoned veteran casually says:

“I will most likely never lay eyes on any of you again.  Chances are I will never actually hear from you again.  You know why?  Because 95% of you will never follow up and you will miss your opportunity.” 

He smiled.  Lifted the coffee to his lips and enjoyed the hush he’d just initiated.

Not known for being a demure wallflower, he just put it out there on the line, which, I completely appreciated.  It may be a bitter pill to swallow, however it is the truth.

I was reminded of my senior year in college.  We were all assembled in a large auditorium.  The senior faculty member, Miss. Wisk, addressed us.  She said: “Look to your left.  Now look to your right.  Chances are you will never see most of these people again.  95% of you will not actively work in this industry.”  I gulped hard and in my worldly experience of 21 years thought; “wow, she’s bitter!”  But she, like that gentleman, knows the truth. 

Most people do not persist.  They do not follow up.  They do not continue to put themselves out there to get the result they desire.  They overlook and squander the opportunities and leads that are given to them.

How many networking events have you been to recently?  How many industry events or seminars?  Did you exchange cards?  Pleasantries?  Perhaps you shared a cup of coffee of a glass of wine with these folks.  Now, how many of them did you actually call or make any kind of contact with afterwards?

Chances are 95% of you didn’t.

So are you wondering why you are not moving up the ladder?  Or achieving the kind of success you’re after?  Perhaps you look around green with envy at others who seemingly have everything handed to them.  They have champions. They have strategic partners and continually make process.

What’s the difference?  They followed up!

Here’s what they know, that you need to embrace.

1)They know opportunity comes through other people.  It simply doesn’t just fall from the sky onto your front lawn with a big bow wrapped around it.

2)They know that in order to have those opportunities flow to them they must make an investment in forming a relationship with other people.  Now this doesn’t translate to kissing up or falsities. It means getting to know them beyond a random card exchange.

3)They know that they also must be willing to help that other person on their journey to achievement as well.  You must be willing to give, rather than to merely expect to receive all the time.
Implementation is key.

You must follow up!

Make contact with the people you have met recently and really see why you were brought together in the first place.  Sometimes, there is nothing there and it’s best to view it simply as practice.  Other times there may seem to be no thread in common, but be patient – some of the most interesting things that have ever manifest in my business came from some random, obscure, never to be believed connection.  There are also times that they can lead you to the next person who can help you with your project or endeavor. 

The combinations of possible opportunities are endless!  However you’ll never have a crack at them unless you FOLLOW UP on every single lead and connection that you make. 

These are the gateways to your success.
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The Powerful Feminine Conduit of Change: Transforming Fear into Courage

December 10, 2008

The discussion of the Divine Feminine is a topic on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days.  But the question is why?  Why is it women?  Why now?
At this time in history, the feminine conduit is far more open and poised to make a shift. In many ways women are now “bi-lingual”, speaking from both energies – the masculine and the feminine.  Women have learned how to speak the language of men via business, now seated in positions of power and influence more than any other time in history. They also have a tangible platform of commerce to work with in exhibiting and demonstrating the feminine principles in a way that generates money, wields power, influence and recognition.
It is from the business platform that the biggest, most far-reaching results for changing the current competitive business model will be seen.  The bottom line for the ego (which is all about getting) is “Money Talks”.  When your bank account is hit hard, as it has been today, you’re ready to hearreform is on it’s way.  These are the times when people have had enough and are open to doing business in a very different manner because the current fear-based model filled with lack simply does not work any longer.  
The stats are staggering!
Women are 50% of business owners in this country, which accounts for 10.1 million businesses that employ more than 13 million people.  Women will contribute $1.9 trillion in sales by the end of 2008.  15% of all Fortune 500 CEO seats are occupied by women.  These staggering statistics show the influence women have in the world today purely from positioning. 
As the feminine energy influence grows, so does a shift in consciousness in how we work, purchase and interact with others.  The power of the purse is no joke.  The Law of Economy is the wise and thoughtful use of resources.   Resources that are being lead by women who embrace the divine feminine within them selves will facilitate massive changes in business. 
There is an unspoken movement happening.  Women are leveraging their leadership to make great changes:  new health care plans, more creative flexible work schedules and supporting charities of their choice to give back to the community.  They are abandoning the self-serving narcissistic intentions that have run many companies into the ground.  And, where they cannot gain satisfaction in the corporate arena, they are turning toward entrepreneurship to create the kind of work-life-community balance they have not been able to realize in the current model.
Women are taking value stands for their lives more and more.  They have awakened to the fact that fearlessness, compassion and generosity are not weak attributes of the female leader but a necessity for success.  It is this softer expression that is needed in the world and in business today.  And it is what is emerging.
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