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[Spotlight] Change Agent #44 Dossier – Stephanie Gunning Changing the World…One Book at a Time!

May 19, 2010

Maria:  Stephanie thanks for being part of this series highlighting people who are out there being a Change Agent in the world.  This segment is really about helping people meet and understand how others are actively being a catalyst for change in the world by the way they working; either in a very direct way or simply by the way they are “being” in the world.  My intention for this series of [Spotlight] segments is to share how everyday people can and do make a difference!

You are a book consultant, editor and peace activist. An amazing combination of ingredients!  Can you tell me a little bit about how this all came about?

Stephanie: I always had a love of books: as adventures, experiences and expressions.  Books have been my friends, my companion and inspiration for years. No matter what is happening currently in the publishing world, there is nothing like opening up a book and smelling the print, opening the spine and entering into the experience that the author offers you.  I just loved them and still do.

The point being when I was 8 years old I wanted to be a writer. I didn’t know any writers and I certainly didn’t know anything about editing. I grew up and that was always my dream. I went to college and still didn’t know any editors. – I was still to shy to write for the newspaper. I wrote one article for the newspapers. I was confused when I graduated.  I had a job working with autistic kids for the last 2 summer in college.

Maria: So what was the turning point for you?

Stephanie: Eventually, I ended up getting offered a job at Harper Collins – Harper & Row at the time. That job was very entry level. There was something very fantastic about it. I was hired as the assistant to the managing editor. That hub of the wheel includes production, editorial and business. This woman was the traffic cop between all departments. This was prior to computers being introduced to publishing in a modest way.

I was this shy super intelligent girl who people would forget I was in the room. So people would say stuff around me.  They would always say the most amazing things.  I learned about inventory systems, budgets, production management and cover design. When I was finally promoted to work with an executive editor who is renounced editors in the field. I worked for him for 9 years.

Maria:  This sounds like an incredibly opportunity to really get a solid foundation for your work!

Yes! I took all the attitudes I’ve developed in my first job and used it to frame my work. I began with this more global thought of editing than others had and advanced rapidly.  I left HC in 1995 when I was head hunted by Bantam Double Day Dell because I put a previously self published book on the best seller list “Mutant Messages Down Under” by Marlow Morgan.  It was a book that followed on the heels of “Celestine Prophecy”.

Having seen this massive marketing successful campaign that hit 4 or 5 on the best seller.  I was a rising star and recruited to start a list of health and spirituality books at Dell at age 32. Which is very young!

Maria:  Amazing Steph! So what caused you to leave your glamorous career with prestigious traditional publishing houses and venture out on your own?

I saw that publishers would entice authors with promises of all kinds of marketing. It wasn’t that marketing wasn’t done. But it felt that the author was a secondary author in the process. I felt so personally aligned with the writers and creates. They were the people that excited me. Discussing with me what they are doing for marketing.  I was already consulting my authors on the inside, rather than on the outside.

It was the sensibility of the authors that I wanted to improve.  I had an epiphany.  I realized that I would “Love this idea, love this author” and there’s something they cannot do for themselves that I can do!  I became a ghostwriter then I became a marketing expert.  It was through wanting to market my own projects that I discovered I was really good at it.

Maria:  Now you’re working with people as a book consultant and editor.  What kind of material/projects do you enjoy working on and why”?

I work with spirituality, new thought, complimentary or integrative medicine and self-help.  My bestseller authors are Greg Braden (“The Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs” and the “Divine Matrix”) and Hal Dwoskins (“The Sedona Method” also Hal appeared in “The Secret”).  People in those categories gravitate to me because of my past experience and they understand my personal interests related to spirituality.

One of the defining points for me to say YES to working on a project has to do with very much it’s originality and also with the sense of that person having a clear mission in the world: to contribute something of lasting value.

Maria: Why is that mission and need for lasting value important?

I believe we’re all called to something and you know you’re calling because it lights a fire in your belly. You feel more excited and happy when you think about it.  It’s pretty much effortless for you. It’s your talent and calls forth from you what you’re to do. I have an ability that is innate to me, to look at a person and know their higher potential. And even to see some of the steps in between that are blocking them.  To hold that vision for that person.  To be their companion as they step forward to their calling. I believe my calling is creative.  When I say creative I mean I believe life and everything in the world is a creative process and if you remove obstacles all you get is creativity and expansion.

Maria:  We’re talking about books that change the world.

Yes, which means you move beyond the problem. If disease, poverty or hatred were eliminated n the other side of these problems would be the state of interactive dynamic web of life, which we’d all be participants and our full value, would be expressed. With each person living on their purpose.

If I can affect 1 writer then I can affect millions.  I see that as my work, as a powerful influencer…on a good day. LOL

Maria:  You’re basically interweaving this personal growth and development in order to create peace in the world.  But you also have a specific peace project that you developed with millionaire entrepreneur Richard Aronow called “Stop Thinking Now”.

This is an annual program that we developed to be held on Gandhi’s birthday.

In 2006 I met a capital investor named Richard Aronow, who runs his business according to spiritual principles, we decided we wanted to do a book together. Every time we spoke we just laughed and laughed and felt uplifted. And we realized that both of us had the same kind of conversation with other people. There are certain kinds of conversation that uplift people. It occurred to us that we could create a certain kind of conversation to uplift the world. The way to do that is to uplift people one at a time.

Drawing on my vast contacts in publishing we put together a free 30 day home study course on the internet to teach people different tools and tech by which they could be more peaceful within themselves. Mediation is one way. It’s not the only thing we teach.

Maria: So this becomes your way of bringing profound change and peace into the world.

Yes to live beyond the problems.

Now I have a vision of gathering a thousand or more writers who are changing the world for the better. To gather these people together for a common purpose: peace and creativity in the world.

Maria:  What’s coming up?

My new book “You Are a Spirit” is coming out on May 19th: With the launch comes a lot of really amazing gifts for people who purchase the book on the launch date. So I suggest people take advantage of this right away.  I’m extremely excited about this project! There will be a series of events and workshops.  I will be in Denver and Massachusetts to talk about “Think Out” and spiritual publishing.

Maria: You spoke at the UN recently! I was honored to be there!  What was that like for you?

It was great!
I realized that I have a lot to say and offer. It helped me to organize my thoughts.  It felt like an affirmation that I was on the right track in combining research on brain science with quantum science and metaphysics. I felt like I was really getting at the heart of what I am here to do and teach people.

Maria: If people want to learn more about you and follow you how do they do that?
@audaciouseditor on Twitter
Fan page on FB: Get A Book Deal

Something people might be interested to know if that my spiritual practice of the moment is tango! LOL

Maria: Why?

For the sense of connection to another person. For the sense of presence. You always know your current condition when you’re dancing with a partner. Because you can’t actually stay on balances and move fluidly in connection with another person unless you’ve found your center.

Maria: That’s a great metaphor! LOL

Stephanie thank-you for sharing what you do, why you do it and HOW you do it with everyone here today.  You’re truly inspirational to many people out there in the world.

It’s my pleasure!

Are You Done with the Fear?

October 21, 2008

Transforming Fear Into Courage


We are indeed, in a time of great transition.  This transition is often unsettling and disarming.  But as I have stated over the past several weeks this is also a time of great opportunity.  All you have to do is use the Law of Polarity to find it.  One never questions that on the other side of night is day or that if something is hot it can also be made cold.  The law of polarity is “the equal opposite”.


This period of opportunity is the potential for newness, creativity and innovation.  Often times we hear people saying “necessity is the mother of invention” – and that could not be more true today!  However, it’s important to have all the oars in the water and each person in the boat rowing with you to facilitate “innovation” within your business. 


But what happens when you are met with fear and doubt?  You have this great idea and solution but the group around you (and that can even include family and friends) thinks you’re absolutely nuts and have gone off the deep end.  What’s happening?!  It’s a brilliant solution!  It’s cutting edge marketing or technology! Why the resistance? They are afraid, plain and simple.  They are paralyzed with fear because it means abandoning what they know for something unknown. 


The breaking point for any significant change is courage.  In this energy space you have the willingness to embrace change and face challenges.  You are able to literally see the opportunities in front of you and identify growth areas.  It requires the ability to feel the fear in yourself and in others but continue to move forward none-the-less. 


Allow those fears to surface and observe them as if you were sitting in a movie theatre watching the latest action or dramatic flick.  Ask yourself what’s really going on here?  Is the consequence of the fear greater than the desire to move forward?  Remember, this stage of courage that you are working within takes faith.  And at times it can be a very lonely place to be.  But you must continue to evaluate if the desire is greater than the risk.  If that desire is not greater then you will not move forward.  In this place of courage, you suspend your disbelief. Often times it is a giant leap of faith and will require a measure of patience. 


This shift to change and courageousness must start with YOU before you can get anyone else in the boat with you.  And, by the way, you will most likely need to start paddling with or without others.  It doesn’t matter, just get in the boat yourself and start MOVING.


Hold steady.  Yes, it is a challenging time.  On the other side there are great rewards for those who walk through the fear and create something new and innovative out there in the world. We are ALL being called to do this.  You are not alone. Think outside of the box and stop modeling other people! Their “model” is also in need of upgrade, repair and innovation.


About Maria:
Maria Gamb is the founder of and NMS Communications LLC.  She is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who brings her 20+ years experience as a former Fortune 500 Diva and now entrepreneur to the table.  Maria’s mission is to help women unlock their own personal leadership style and create businesses that make an impact on the world around them.  After all, we’re women, not men in skirts.  Our leadership style is uniquely our own and it’s powerful.  Visit Maria on the web at  Sign up for the free ezine [Change Agent] and receive your free special report “The 7 Keys to Transform Your Business & Bottom Line”.

Can this Chaos really be “Divine”?

October 7, 2008

Comprehending the Current Cleansing Process


The latest chaotic events of our financial institutions and government actions continue to dominate headlines. I’m often asked, “What’s happening? Can you explain this in a different, metaphysical manner so I can stand above the fear based media hype?”  Living here in NYC, I see the fear on people’s faces and feel the anxiety gripping my fair metropolis. People are looking for the bigger picture.  They want to see beyond the illusions being fed on the news.  We have reached a pivotal point in our spiritual and evolutionary growth. 


“Divine Chaos” is the best term to explain the current state of affairs. To define this, one must understand that chaos is a course corrector.  It is the literal and figurative dismantling of a system and beliefs that are out of alignment with the core truths of any group.  In this particular case, they are our national value systems, beliefs, and national truths.  This dismantling is done so it a new structure of consciousness can be put into place.  In fact there must be a complete dismantling in order for this new growth to emerge.


By nature man will grasp at, hold onto and defend the thing that he values most.  Usually that “value” is his belief system.  He will take action based on this belief system and the results reflect his mindset. This is the Universal Law of Cause & Effect in action.


Do you remember the 1987 Michael Douglas movie “Wall Street”  ?  The most memorable line in the movie was “Greed is good”.  Unfortunately, this is a value that many have held fast to in this country and the result – well, it is what we are seeing unfold.  It is an ideal that we have projected and lived for nearly two decades.


However, this subconscious belief is crumbling before our eyes.  In the aftermath, I will tell you that we will become a more group of conscious entrepreneurs and business community leaders.  Why?  Because this old belief system is burning itself out and people are realizing that they must be more conscious in everything they do.  That means being truthful, compassionate and loving in ALL their affairs.


We have begun to see this shift as more people are paying attention to the environment and health care, and global communities are forming to aid others at a far more rapid rate than any other time in our history.  The quality and integrity of our leaders are being evaluated with much greater attention than ever before.  These are all signs of a raise in consciousness. 


Human consciousness is the greatest raw material we have in making any profound changes. Residing in this consciousness is the ability to co-create and generate something profoundly powerful. But this requires self-mastery. To quote Patricia Aburdene, “Worldly power without self-mastery is the downfall of leadership.”


Are you ready to step into self-mastery?


About Maria:
Maria Gamb is the founder of and NMS Communications LLC.  She is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who brings her 20+ years experience as a former Fortune 500 Diva and now entrepreneur to the table.  Maria’s mission is to help women unlock their own personal leadership style and create businesses that make an impact on the world around them.  After all, we’re women, not men in skirts.  Our leadership style is uniquely our own and it’s powerful.  Visit Maria on the web at  Sign up for the free ezine [Change Agent] and receive your free special report “The 7 Keys to Transform Your Business & Bottom Line”.