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Burning Away Old Beliefs, Patterns and Habits…. and ways of doing business!

August 16, 2010

There is a term “divine chaos” which is the best way to explain the rocky terrain we’ve all hiked over the past few years. Chaos may sound like a bad thing, but it is not. You must understand that although chaos may be destructive, it is also a course corrector.

Chaos is the literal and figurative dismantling of a system and its beliefs. Chaos occurs when systems and beliefs are out of alignment with the core values of any group. The only way through the chaos is to wake up, remember our authentic selves, and act with truth, integrity, and transparency.

Old beliefs and ways of operating are giving way to a new structure based on higher consciousness. Making surface changes won’t be good enough. Applying a Band-Aid won’t work in our current situation. There must be a dismantling of what is not working, in order for new growth to occur and restore us to health.

Several years ago, I was living in Melbourne, Australia. The Blue Mountains in New South Wales were up in smoke-not with little fires, but with major fires that engulfed the area and left a wide swath of destruction. One day over lunch I expressed my dismay at the situation to a dear friend of mine. “It’s terrible. People are losing their homes and this beautiful region is being devastated.”

My friend looked at me with a very strange expression and said, “And why does this surprise you? It’s the natural course of nature. For that region to regenerate itself, there must be a fire. The underbrush has to be burned away and the heat has to be generated if many of the plants indigenous to this region are to reproduce. You see, the seedpods can’t open without heat. This is the way nature renews itself. People who live here know this. They know the risk of building their homes in an area where wildfires appear, and they take it on willingly. They accept that this is the course of nature. If something new and more magnificent is going to appear, that old underbrush must be released.”

This story illustrates nature in action. The natural order is that life always regenerates itself. Chaos may ensue in order to facilitate this process. It may not always be in the same exact form, but life will and does regenerate.

One thing passes away and dies, and new life always replaces it.
It is a never-ending cycle.
It’s no different in business.

Reflective Questions:

  • What aspects of your current business life need to burn away in order to give way to something new?
  • What are you fighting to hold onto that is actually causing you more anxiety than enjoyment?
  • What business models and practices are you attached to that no longer work, probably needing a giant reinvent?
  • And…what makes any of these things so important that you’re fighting to hold onto them? (hint: illusions of security, surety and identity/standing)

One way or another, a form of cleansing shows up. If you can see it as a constructive tool in the long run you’ll find the process so much easier and less anxiety ridden.

A Little More Information:
Maria Gamb ( is an author, speaker and business leadership mentor.  Her first book ever, “Healing the Corporate World” will launch on Amazon Oct 12th, 2010. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with her partner Valen and their 2 cats TigerLily and Livie.

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